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Enhancing your gaming experience to the next level with Oren Wood Works

Oren Wood Works offers a range of hand-crafted gaming accessories designed to make your gaming experience even more enjoyable. Our products include a variety of dice towers, dice trays, and gaming tables. We pride ourselves on making each item with quality materials while paying attention to the details.

We strive to provide the highest quality items that can help bring your gaming sessions to the next level. Whether you're a board game enthusiast or a tabletop roleplayer, we have something to offer for everyone. Visit our site today to find the perfect gaming accessory for you


Dice Towers

Our Dice Towers are the perfect way to add a touch of utility and style to your gaming space. These towers are designed to keep your dice rolling true and with their classic wooden construction they look great too. Whether you're playing at home or at a gaming tournament, you're sure to have a blast with our Dice Towers. Plus, they are lightweight and portable, so you can easily take them anywhere. Get yours today and start rolling in style

Dice Trays

This classic Dice Tray is perfect for any tabletop gaming enthusiast. Crafted from premium wood or luxurious leather, it is designed to keep your dice safe and sound while you play. The tray provides a soft surface to keep the dice from rolling away. The velvety leather interior also helps to reduce noise from the dice. Enjoy your gaming experience with this stylish and durable Dice Tray.


Gaming Tables

This beautiful Gaming Table is handcrafted from solid wood and designed to last for generations. It is the perfect heirloom piece to bring your family together for years to come. The timeless design is sure to impress your guests, and its quality construction is built to last. Enjoy hours of fun, laughter, and competition around this classic gaming table.


GM Screens

4 panels

This GM Screen is the perfect accessory for your gaming table. Made from solid wood, it is sturdy and durable. This GM Screen features four panels, which provide plenty of space for you to store your notes and dice. It is also perfect for hiding your notes from players during a game. This GM Screen will make your game nights more organized and enjoyable.


Dice Vaults

The Dice Vault is the perfect accessory for any serious gamer. It's a high-quality, handcrafted wooden box designed to protect and store your prized dice. The box is lined with velvet and features an etched lid and a secure latch to keep your dice safe and secure. It's a great way to store your dice collection and keep them safe from bumps and knocks. With the Dice Vault, you can rest assured knowing that your dice are safe and secure no matter where you travel.


Pen and Pencil

This custom wood fountain pen will make a great addition to any gaming enthusiast's desk. Crafted with a beautiful, natural wood finish, it's perfect for adding a touch of sophistication to any gaming set-up. Designed with a comfortable grip, this pen is a great choice for long gaming sessions. And with the included pencil, you'll never have to worry about running out of writing tools. Let this custom wood fountain pen be the perfect complement to your gaming experience

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